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Todd Helgeson reports: Sunday’s storm knocked out the power in Dallas where the HFH camp was to be held starting on Monday, but the kids were not deterred. The start time was moved from 9:00A to 10:00A, and by 10:20 most of the kids were there. Camp started with 34 quiet kids, but as they learned what to expect, they warmed up to their coaches and each other. The camp sponsor, Brother Bill’s Helping Hand, sent 2 workers and they were great at helping the kids to feel comfortable. By the time competitions began, the kids were all in.


Today also went well. Due to the size of the gym we went to 4 stations. We had about 35 kids again. The younger group is a little restless, but we have had a great response from the older kids. Last second hero is always a crowd pleaser and the kids had a blast with it.


We had another great day at camp. The kids were attentive. Brother Bill’s Helping Hand has been extremely happy with the results of the camp and the overall HFH program. It’s a pleasure to partner with them this week.