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The team left from Houston this evening headed for Ukraine! They are scheduled to arrive in Kiev tomorrow evening. Please pray for safe travels and for all their luggage to arrive as well.
The team members from HFH Denton are: Michael Eddy (leader), Anna Martin-Denton (Brown), Ashley Deveraux, Jacklynn Williams, Joshua Lowe, Trey Lowe, Tyler Eaton, and Zane Brown.


Michael Eddy shares: The gym has no ac. It will be hot in there this week. It is believed that it is not healthy to have an air draft coming through the gym. It reminds me of growing up in the gym with just big box fans and no ac. Many years of hard sweat staying humble and hungry to be better at this game and in life. Sweating to make better people better and better basketball players is not always easy but the cold shower at the end of today brought refreshment and rejuvenation!

We saw many people riding their bike today as we drove to the city.

The day fittingly closed with a beautiful sunset and wonderful meal of beef and potatoes, cabbage, cucumber salad, and a cherry compote drink; a wonderful homemade cherry drink. We ended with Black Forest cake and milk.

It is going to be a great week with 100 kids coming. We hope for rest and strength this week, that we will have the words needed, and that our team will work together the best way possible to make the most of our time!


We started the day with a wonderful meal of Ukrainian pancakes, eggs, and sausage.

The cool story of the day was three campers came last time we were here and traveled 200 kilometers (120 miles) to attend this week. They are staying in a hotel just because they had so much fun last time they wanted to come back.

We had Olive Garden Ukrainian style at lunch. Very good! Pizza for dinner with chocolate ice cream cones.

We had 95 today; 45 in the first camp and 50 in the second.

It’s a blessing that we could join the work here this week.


This morning’s breakfast was so good. The food continues to be amazing!!  Had some of the best Oatmeal ever, with fresh strawberries, cashews, and crancherries. For lunch we had buckwheat, salad, and chicken, and for dinner; wonderful soup, bread, chocolate cake, and tea.
In our devotional time to start the day, Trey talked about passion and enthusiasm. He challenged us to do everything like your life depends on it!
The plan for our lives was brought to the forefront today. We encouraged and challenged the kids. We also had good talks with the head of basketball.


Today our food was delicious once again.  We had crepes and eggs for breakfast with strawberries and different fillings. Lunch was salad, chicken meatballs with cheese noodles and chocolate bars for dessert. For dinner we had potato and chicken pancakes with salad and cake for dessert.
The kids worked hard today. It is hard to believe we are halfway through. Trey shared the talk today about playing your part, and groups got deeper in their discussions. They enjoyed the fun activities that were planned. And we had our first girl in camp today!
At the end of the day, we got to go to a Ukrainian/Russian bathhouse. This banya experience of a pool, cold tub, and sauna was very relaxing!


What a great day! Tyler led our team time this morning and later shared his life story with the camps.
The local community has taken an interest all week in what we were doing. Today the local newspaper and TV station stopped by and interviewed us.
Our host has been wonderful this week and has really taken care of us. Our translators have been outstanding! We celebrated tonight with a Coke and a smile. Near the end of the night a hot air balloon even stopped by.


It was a great last day of camp! The award ceremonies went well.

As we boarded the bus, tears were shed by many because of the new connections we made.
Before we left the city, we ate at a traditional Ukrainian restaurant and the food was awesome, especially the cherry puff with sugar on top at the end.

We were all given chocolate and toasts were made thanking everyone for all their hard work. The head of basketball also presented a medal to Coach Eddy, one that the city had given him. The first year Hoops for Hope came they had gone to Nationals and gotten 2nd. This last year they placed 4th, and we were a part of that tradition this week.


We had a long drive through the rainy night and got to Kiev early this morning. As I look back over the camp, I could really see how the coaches connected with the kids and each member played their part at the right time. I can’t stress enough how amazing our support team was; our host, translators, and cooks. And thank you for being here with us in spirit.

We are excited to tour Kiev today, and begin our trek back home this evening.