Guatemala City, Guatemala

Shawn and Sarah report: What's the word? F. L. E. X. I. B. I. L. I. T. Y. It’s a strong part of our vocabulary when we take teams abroad, but today this word was stretched to new lengths! The team showed up at the first camp site to 83 kids in 7-9th grades waiting to get started!

Guatemala City, Guatemala2021-04-19T17:14:54-05:00

Svitlovodsk, Ukraine

Michael Eddy shares: The gym has no ac. It will be hot in there this week. It is believed that it is not healthy to have an air draft coming through the gym. It reminds me of growing up in the gym with just big box fans and no ac. Many years of hard sweat staying humble and hungry to be better at this game and in life.

Svitlovodsk, Ukraine2021-04-19T17:14:47-05:00

Dallas, Texas

Todd Helgeson reports: Sunday’s storm knocked out the power in Dallas where the HFH camp was to be held starting on Monday, but the kids were not deterred. The start time was moved from 9:00A to 10:00A, and by 10:20 most of the kids were there. Camp started with 34 quiet kids, but as they learned what to expect, they warmed up to their coaches and each other.

Dallas, Texas2021-04-19T17:14:44-05:00

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

Jesse reports from DR: Hi! We just got back from meeting our hosts, lunch, setting up for two camps, swimming and eating again! The 2 courts are very nice. We will have an outdoor court for the morning camp, 9-noon and a covered court for the afternoon camp, 3-6:00P. We expect about 80 to 90 kids total and we’re ready.

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic2021-04-19T17:14:37-05:00

Torokszentmiklos, Hungary

Mark reports: We had an outstanding breakfast after a good night’s rest in the Verdi Grand Hotel, a new hotel in the heart of old Budapest. We took the train to Hillsong Budapest and had a fun time meeting new friends. Even though the translation did not work we enjoyed being there.

Torokszentmiklos, Hungary2021-04-19T17:14:31-05:00

Kodiak Island, Alaska

Tim cooked sausage and egg breakfast tacos for the group in the morning, coupled with kiwi, cantaloupe, and pineapple. Our team got to meet with our hosts and friends today. The community is so loving and appreciate that we are here. The views are unbelievable, and it’s nice and cool.

Kodiak Island, Alaska2021-04-19T17:14:24-05:00

Pilar, Argentina

Once in Buenos Aires, the team made quickly it through immigration and customs, picked up the rentals and followed James Greenwood, our host to Pilar. We made our way to Siga La Vaca for some lunch and met our host’s family and friends. We enjoyed some Argentine beef and good fellowship before heading to the hotel

Pilar, Argentina2021-04-19T17:14:17-05:00

Madrid, Spain

Jason Phillips reports: Praise the Lord, we made it! Everyone is feeling healthy and we are blessed that all luggage made it safe and intact. We visited both sites today and we are excited to have 50 kids in each camp. We are reminded that this is tough ground to plow, but we are not discouraged

Madrid, Spain2021-04-19T17:14:13-05:00

Bridgetown, Barbados

Kate brought today’s devotion and did a great job of pointing us to persistence in love through story of The Velveteen Rabbit. Throughout the week we would be worn out, under stress, and tired, and that’s when our true character is displayed. She encouraged us to be ready to present love each day this week.

Bridgetown, Barbados2021-04-19T17:14:08-05:00

Kumasi, Ghana

Speedy Wible reports from Ghana: Greetings from Ghana. The Hoops team has made it to Accra where we were met by Vincent Asamoah of Shoot for Life, our hosts for the week. We arrived with all luggage! That is an answer to prayer. Thank you for praying in faith!

Kumasi, Ghana2021-04-19T17:14:03-05:00