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Guatemala City, Guatemala

Shawn and Sarah report: What's the word? F. L. E. X. I. B. I. L. I. T. Y. It’s a strong part of our vocabulary when we take teams abroad, but today this word was stretched to new lengths! The team showed up at the first camp site to 83 kids in 7-9th grades waiting to get started!


Svitlovodsk, Ukraine

Michael Eddy shares: The gym has no ac. It will be hot in there this week. It is believed that it is not healthy to have an air draft coming through the gym. It reminds me of growing up in the gym with just big box fans and no ac. Many years of hard sweat staying humble and hungry to be better at this game and in life.


Dallas, Texas

Todd Helgeson reports: Sunday’s storm knocked out the power in Dallas where the HFH camp was to be held starting on Monday, but the kids were not deterred. The start time was moved from 9:00A to 10:00A, and by 10:20 most of the kids were there. Camp started with 34 quiet kids, but as they learned what to expect, they warmed up to their coaches and each other.